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Welcome To The Vista Outdoor Idea Exchange

The world is full of bright people, with great ideas, and we are looking to create new paths to work with potential partners. With collaboration, good ideas become reality. Leveraging the global reach and development horsepower of Vista Outdoor, companies and passionate inventors can commercialize their concepts faster, with less effort and capital.

With this in mind, we are proud to announce a new path for uniting our resources with your innovative ideas so that we all can benefit and provide consumers with cutting edge products. This simple process allows you to reach out to us as we gather, evaluate and select game-changing product ideas and technologies that fit our mission to deliver sustaining value with innovative products.

Vista Outdoor is the technology leader in ammunition, firearms, tactical gear, reloading equipment, optics and shooting accessories. Our R&D capabilities and customer-focused approach have made our brands synonymous with top performance. We strive to deliver innovation and growth by investing in leading technologies and advancing new products to meet emerging customer needs. Making the breakthroughs that keep Vista Outdoor at the forefront of innovation is a critical part of our strategy, and accessing the best ideas outside our company supports that goal.

That process starts here!

Simply fill out the concept submission form to provide us with enough non-confidential information to assess your ideas. If the idea fits within our selection criteria, we will contact you to discuss your idea.




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